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The 2018 report by Key Banc shows that Amazon Web Services cloud market share is around 62%. This is an indication that AWS is extremely dominant in the cloud sector. Given the fact that IT experts are turning towards AWS cloud, it is safe to say that AWS certification is experiencing more attention in recent years than ever. One of the most popular certification options today is AWS Certified Developer, associate level.

Getting AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification is essential if you want to become a sought-after developer and get a job in the company that uses Amazon Web Services. The good thing is that there are plenty of online courses to start with when preparing yourself for AWS certification.

I have prepared some useful tips to help you on your journey to becoming a certified developer. But before that, here are the details of the certification exam you must pass to attain your credential.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam Outline

Prepaway Developer Associate exam is meant to test the candidates’ knowledge of AWS architecture, uses, and services. Interested individuals should also demonstrate skills in servicing and developing cloud-based apps.

The exam takes 130 minutes and consists of multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions which mean that you will be required to choose one or more right answers from the options provided. The fee for the test is around $150.

Recommended Experience

  • Proficiency in high-level programming languages – at least one or two
  • Knowledge of basic AWS services
  • Knowledgeable about designing, developing, and installing cloud-based services on the AWS platform
  • Skills in using AWS service tools to create apps

You need practical experience when preparing for this exam. In fact, you should have one or more years of practical experience in using AWS, particularly when it comes to developing applications using AWS services.

Tips to Prepare for the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

AWS certifications are the most valued certifications in cloud computing. The demand for these certifications has made many IT professionals consider becoming AWS certified. Well, the exam is easy, but you must prepare yourself for it so that you can pass. Here are the tips to help you while preparing for the exam:

1.Create Your Free AWS Tier Account

Since the exam requires practical experience with the AWS solutions, you will need to create an account on Prepaway Free Tier platform. This will allow you to use all available AWS services so you can practice and gain more experience. The good thing about using the AWS solutions is that you will get acquainted with the materials, tools, and concepts you can meet on the exam.

  1. Review the Instructions and Outline of the Exam

You will find the exam instructions on the AWS official website. Review the exam outline carefully to ensure you have an idea of what questions to expect in the exam. Pay attention to the topics mentioned and ensure that you cover them all during your preparation.AWS Developer Associate exam blueprint breaks down the topics into the following categories:

  • Development with AWS Services (about 30%)
  • Deployment (about 22%)
  • Troubleshooting and Monitoring (about 12%)
  • Security (about 26%)
  • Refactoring (about 10%)

To pass the exam, you need to score at least 720 from the possible 1000.

  1. Get Sample Questions

You will also get the sample exam questions by visiting the official Amazon Web Services platform. Ensure to read the questions thoroughly so that you can get to know the way the exam will be set. Use sample questions and you will be able to gauge your understanding of the Amazon Web Services solutions. This will enable you to concentrate on the parts where you need to put more effort.

  1. Read the Recommended Books

Prepaway exam has got recommended books you can read while preparing for it. So, the first thing you need to do is to get the certification preparation guide and make it your reference material during your study. Reading the right books will help you prepare better and help you to learn more. However, you need to ensure that you are using only books that come from legitimate sources.

  1. Review the AWS FAQs

You can find the AWS FAQs on the official website. Ensure to review all the FAQs so that you can clear any doubts that you may have as you prepare yourself for the exam. When you go through the FAQs, you will be able to find answers to burning questions you may have for the exam. Here is a list of the topics you should read about:

  • Where to find AWS training classes
  • How to create and use an AWS training account
  • How to enroll in private onsite training and more
  1. Enroll in Online Training

Now that you have read whitepapers, books, and other resources, you should also take some training on the Internet to familiarize yourself with the exam content even more. There are a number of online certification training providers on the Internet to choose from.

Final Thoughts

They say practice makes perfect. You should, therefore, practice as much as you can and follow this guide when preparing for your certification exam. This way, you will master the exam objectives and increase your chances of passing the exam.

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